Slicing blade technology


The extreme sharpness of Munkfors blades is ideal for slicing all types of bread at a high production rate.


No matter what type of bread you want to slice, Munkfors superior blades will satisfy your needs. Our blades are specifically designed to suit all type of breads. From soft toast to tough rye loaves, and our product range covers the most common types of blades for bread applications. 

A wide range of blades in combination with our unique profile grinding-technology guarantees a high production rate with consequent highly qualitative results. Carefully monitored quality checkpoints supported by skilled operators and a modern equipped laboratory assure the well-known first-rate quality of all Munkfors blades. 

A Munkfors superior bread slicer blade with its extreme sharpness and long lifetime is your perfect choice.

See our standard product range for bread slicing.

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