Food processors focus on achieving high productivity, excellent product appearance and safe working practices

We help you achieve these goals in several ways. The design, functionality and sharpness of our bandsaw blades, band knives and slicer blades give the desired surface finish on, for example, fresh and frozen meat and fish, poultry cuts, sliced meat, ham, bacon, bread and cheese. A good surface finish also increases product shelf life. Furthermore, the right cutting geometry of our blades minimizes waste and helps to keep product surfaces clean.

Really sharp teeth, flat and straight surfaces, and expert welding that maintains high blade performance contribute to exceptional cutting action and help prevent processing breakdowns or accidents. In addition, our blade design minimizes damage caused by stress and fatigue such as gullet cracking and tooth breakage.

And, of course, our blades contribute significantly to high processing efficiency with all cut food, including carcass splitting.

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